Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo Scores relating to compatibility

compatability 90%
sex 90%
communication 60%

Together, Aries and Virgo make for an unusual and potentially exciting partnership, thanks to their complementary skills and personalities and the potentially scandalous sexual chemistry between them.
The data represents an average of my clients’ ratings over the past 20 years. However, it must be stressed that there is a great deal of variation between different couples. A true compatibility reading is necessary to judge a real relationship, but this gives you a general idea. It’s also important to remember that despite the odds, Soulmates can be discovered in even the most incompatible sun sign combinations.


Compatibility between Aries and Virgo

This article is split in half, with the first half written from the perspective of an Aries man or Aries woman, and the second half written from that of a Virgo man or Virgo woman.


Coming from an Arian’s point of view

This is not an instant or natural fit, and it may not work for every Aries or Virgo. However, if you put in the effort, you and your partner can reap significant benefits.


Both of your personalities are the polar opposite of each other. You act on impulse and are aggressive, while your Virgo is practical, cautious, and even shy.


Though they have a high degree of sensitivity, it is more of an intellectual than an emotional kind, making them easier to understand, appreciate, and repair.


You are a dominant and domineering person who is aggressive and passionate but has a low tolerance for detail and boredom.


In contrast, your Virgo is more comfortable in the background, where she can devote her full attention to details and efficiency. Each of you has strengths in the other’s weaknesses, and a harmonious relationship between you two depends on your ability to maintain this balance.


The following are some examples of divergent opinions:

You might have an argument or two over your partner’s tendency to be overly critical of you before you realise they’re not being petty or annoying but rather trying to help you become “totally perfect.”


If given the chance, this is the kind of companion who will help you get your life in order by eliminating the petty, unnecessary hassles you despise. Don’t take offence; it’s meant to be helpful, not controlling.


The important thing to do in these and similar scenarios is to take a step back and analyse your partner’s intentions. It’s highly unlikely that they want to exert power over you.


Because Virgos don’t like to rush into relationships, they may send mixed signals at first, so you’ll need to take things slowly. This has the potential for 5 stars if you are willing to be patient.


Sexual compatibility between Aries and Virgo

Some people have a negative impression of Virgos because they believe them to be the least sexual sign.


It’s true that they dislike showing strong emotions or using foul language, but this is because they have a very strong ‘feedback’ loop in place to constantly monitor and censor themselves.


The secret is that Aries like it when their partner takes charge and makes the first move in a relationship. If this describes your partner, you’ll probably get along famously, as very few Aries mind being the one to take the lead.


If you can make your Virgo feel like “an innocent bystander” to your naughty plans, they will be much more likely to try them out. However, if you push them too far and expect them to initiate something risqué, they may feel awkward and unable to fully enjoy themselves.


However, only sun signs will be considered in this article. Many other planets have just as much, if not more, influence over a person’s character. This makes perfect sense, since each individual truly is special. Therefore, it is not wise to draw too broad of conclusions based on one’s sun sign alone.


You can learn a lot about a person or assess your compatibility with them by using their date of birth to calculate the positions of the other planets and then comparing those positions to your own.


This is the key to the astrological kingdom, for it reveals the most insightful and helpful details about the other person, including how they feel about you, what turns them on, how to avoid arguments, and much more. For more information, check out the readings on compatibility.


Virgo’s perspective

The Compatibility of Virgo and Aries

This is not a great pairing, and communication may be rocky at first. It’s possible that not every Virgo or Aries would enjoy it. However, if you put in the effort, you and your partner can reap significant benefits.


You’d rather stay in the background and worry about the finer points, like productivity and accuracy. Meanwhile, your Aries is a walking dynamo, charging headlong into every situation, ignoring boredom and details, and always remaining in command. Basically, they are better than you at everything you despise.


You probably admire your Aries’s bravery and passion, even if it makes you cringe at times. The two of you couldn’t have more different personalities. Your Aries is impulsive and aggressive and almost totally carefree, while you are more of a traditionalist, a reserved, and a practical person.


Read up on Aries more than you would for a typical match (resources at the bottom of the page), but if you’re up for an exciting and challenging relationship, this one could go the distance.


Sexual compatibility between Virgo and Aries

Whether in or out of the bedroom, Aries wants to be in charge and is full of impulsive, passionate energy. Assuming you’re both okay with this, it could be a great fit.


Consequences that will last for a very

If the two of you have been dating for more than a few months, there’s a good chance that you’ll remain together for the rest of your lives. Your Aries companions will be a never-ending source of enthusiasm and new ideas, and you will be able to help them ground themselves with your patience, persistence, and common sense.


To maintain any kind of relationship, both parties need to be willing to make sacrifices (which can be a lot harder for Aries than for you). Your Aries’s willingness to compromise is a great sign for the future of your relationship, while his or her inability to do so should serve as a warning.


Summary of Compatibility between Aries and Virgo

Is it safe to say that this article provides final answers? No! Sun sign compatibility is the sole basis for this article. It’s a quick and easy way to generalise in order to reach many people, but it’s not particularly convincing. A true astrological reading will take into account the positions and interactions of all the other planets for each of you, painting a more complete picture.