Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Aries and Gemini Compatibility

Aries and Gemini Scores relating to compatibility

compatability 90%
sex 90%
communication 90%

Because you have so much in common, Aries and Gemini are an excellent fit. You both become tired rapidly, want excitement, require personal space and independence, like disputes, and prefer to accomplish everything at breakneck speed.


These figures represent the averages of data gathered from my clients over the last 20 years. Individual connections, on the other hand, differ tremendously. This is a simplified representation; a true compatibility reading is required to evaluate a real connection. It’s also worth mentioning that Soulmates can be found in any sun sign match, even ones with a minimal chance of compatibility.


Compatibility of Aries and Gemini

This article is divided into two parts: the first is written from the perspective of the Aries man or woman, and the second is written from the perspective of the Gemini man or woman.


From the perspective of an Aries

The actual beauty of this coupling is that, while you are a more passionate person by nature, your Gemini spouse is more of a mental person and a natural chameleon - your partner will ‘copy’ your style and become just as passionate.


Better yet, they’ll frequently do so while eliminating all of the negative behaviours that you’re sometimes chastised for (such as being overly aggressive), while retaining all of the positive traits that others like in you! (For example, being assertive and direct)


You’re the more assertive spouse, but your Gemini won’t mind if you lead the way while they brainstorm where to go and what to do next. You are a physical person, and your Gemini is an intellectual, therefore you make an excellent partnership in this aspect.


One very wonderful element of this connection is that you will find it more difficult to upset your Gemini than most other people, and if you do, it will be quickly forgotten (and, no, don’t consider it as a challenge!). You can absolutely insult them; they’re simply much tougher than most).


The worst that can happen is a tongue lashing and maybe a few wise cracks. When it comes to conversations, you both appreciate a good debate, and your spouse is linguistically competent enough to defuse the worst and keep the best.



Your main issue as a team will be a lack of vision and project follow-through. You both enjoy starting but despise completing. More importantly, you’ll both be sidetracked by an even better idea soon as you start anything!


However, because neither of you is interested in (boring!) long-term planning or optimising efficiency for outcomes, this really works rather well in terms of giving a continual source of short-term excitement that you both love.


Sex Aries Gemini

The chemistry here may not be as intense for some Aries as it is with folks you don’t get along with (let’s be honest, some of you need a certain degree of antagonism to really get the fires going!) However, it will be one of the most intense for non-love-hate relationships. Your enthusiasm, hesitation, and spontaneity will be embraced and encouraged.


You will most likely become the more dominating partner in the bedroom, and your Gemini will most likely enjoy every minute of it!


As a side note, Geminis adore discussing sex, so if you’re a daring Aries (admit it! ), don’t be afraid to tell them what you want to do to them, both before and during!


It’s worth noting, though, that we’re only looking at sun indications here. Many other planets can have an equal or larger influence on someone’s personality. That makes logical, because everyone is, after all, unique. Overgeneralizing based just on sun signs might thus be misleading.


To properly comprehend someone or determine your compatibility with them, we must compute their other planet placements from their date of birth, compare them to your own, and then interpret the results.


This unlocks the true potential of astrology and provides much more valuable and particular information, such as how they see you, how to turn them on, how to avoid disputes with them, and so on. If you want to learn more about compatibility readings, go visit that website.


Gemini’s point of view

Compatibility of Gemini and Aries

This is a fantastic combination, and you complement each other in almost every way. You have a lot in common, and your Aries partner will be the right fuel to get you going and then act on the never-ending stream of ideas that you generate as a consequence. It creates a large circle of enjoyment!


You both like conversing and are always on the lookout for new experiences. Aries is drawn to your brilliance, and you are drawn to their spontaneity, authenticity, and energetic nature.


Aries is more naturally passionate and adventurous than you are, and you will appreciate both characteristics while gradually embracing (being corrupted by?!) them. You’ll be each other’s ongoing source of inspiration. In this regard, your Aries will probably surely bring out your passionate and impetuous side.


Aries are also more combative by nature, which works great for you when your spouse is this energetic. The match will enable you to focus more on your position as a think-tank, providing you with entertaining ideas to act on.


You are not extremely emotional, needy, or jealous, and Aries will dismiss the things that other signs may blame you for. In the meanwhile, your Aries lover will keep you on your toes.


Neither of you want to be tied down or make a commitment too soon in a relationship, but this one is fascinating enough that neither of you will want to leave!


You both enjoy starting things but dislike finishing them. Expect to leave a trail of unfinished undertakings, each replaced by something larger and better. Of course, this provides continual amusement, so neither of you will mind.


Aries Gemini Sex Aries are both dynamic and vocal lovers, which you will appreciate and enjoy. You’ll admire your partner’s sexual directness and hesitation, and you’ll find yourself getting more daring to keep up (if you haven’t already, check my book suggestion for Aries above, and make sure they buy it!). So yet, no Gemini has complained to me..)


With a little shove, Aries usually has no trouble talking nasty, and once they understand how much you appreciate it, it will keep you engaged for years. Your Aries is the only one who can keep you interested in the bedroom!