Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Scores relating to compatibility

compatability 50%
sex 75%
communication 30%

Making a relationship between an Aries and a Cancer work might be difficult. The low ratings reflect how well this couple seems to get along at first. You two have enough drive to pull this out, and the rewards will be substantial if you do.


Your partnership will flourish over time if you can adjust to each other’s preferences. The low ratings are indicative of a difficult starting point, rather than an overall negative outlook.


My clients’ data from the previous 20 years is shown here as mean values. However, it must be stressed that there is a great deal of variation amongst different couples. This is a condensed version of events; in order to evaluate the strength of a connection, a thorough compatibility test is required. It’s also important to keep in mind that Soulmates can be discovered in even the most improbable of sun sign matches.


Relationships between Cancer and Aries

This article is split in half, with the first half written from the perspective of an Aries male or female, and the second half written from that of a Cancer male or female.


With an Arian’s point of view

There’s a chance you’ll make a fantastic team, but your approaches are very different. Your Cancer partner may find you too risky, while you may find them too sentimental.


Cancer tends to be more grounded and concerned with domestic matters, whereas Aries is more likely to dream large. If you both want to be the dominant force in the world and have someone else make supper for you, this arrangement can work out wonderfully.


It’s important to remember that Cancers have a reputation for being grumpy as a starting point for understanding this pairing. You may look at the bright and the dark aspects of things.


Fortunately (for Aries), this characteristic often makes them passionate and intriguing partners. You can never be sure of what the day will bring. Many Aries thrive on the emotional roller coaster that includes tears, laughing, passionate sex, and intense fights.


On the down side, this degree of intense feeling might be difficult for an Aries to relate to. In itself that’s no huge thing, yet your Cancer spouse will want you to be helpful and nurturing when they need it. So you need to be on the watch out for those situations - and shift into cuddling mode when appropriate.


This may be a challenge for some Aries, but the payoff is well worth it for this couple. They’ll return you tenfold when you need help and understanding (hey, it might happen!)


Other big conflicts of opinion you should be aware of and seek to overcome:

Your Cancer worries about being abandoned, while Aries worries about being imprisoned in a relationship. Be attentive to this, and give comfort when necessary. As silly as it may sound to many Aries, expressing “I love you” at every chance matters a lot to Cancers - it doesn’t cost you anything, and will save an awful lot of repair work if you neglect it. You can’t just disappear for a month and expect things to be OK when you return to this spouse.


Some Aries just don’t have it in them to feel the mushy feelings even for an hour, so if all else fails, show a little jealousy. If you want to reassure a Cancer spouse, show them some (nice!) jealously or possessiveness; it’s a non-mushy method to convey how much you care without alienating them. (It’s important to distinguish between “noticing” something and exploding in anger. My point is more with the former than the latter, so let’s not start arguments over it.


You also don’t dwell on the past as cancer does; instead, you look forward. Your significant other values predictability and safety, while you seek out exciting new experiences.


The suggestion is that you like to deal with the present and move on, whereas Cancer prefers to dwell on memories of the past, both good and terrible. The Cancer in your life may regard you as impetuous, inconsiderate, and bossy, while you may see them as too sensitive, emotional, and sulky.


You should each take a step back and try to understand the situation from the other’s perspective. If you can meet in the centre the rewards are definitely worth it.


While you may like the tension and desire caused by this match initially, there’s a considerable chance of your Cancer lover being burnt out and disappointed by it, unless you can give a substantial amount of reassurance and quality time together.


Aries Cancer sex

You prefer passion, fire and volatility, whereas Cancer likes to mix it up a bit more - even being romantic quite often.


This is a terrific approach to acquire some diversity, so try not to resist it. When in the mood, your spouse is just as impulsive as you are, and acting on whims is the surest way to keep them that way. Consider the sentimental periods as an investment that will eventually pay off.


It should be stressed, however, that only solar indicators are being considered. An individual’s personality can be influenced to an equal or greater extent by several other planets. This makes perfect sense, as each individual inevitably possesses their own set of characteristics. So, it’s not a good idea to draw too broad of conclusions based on your sun sign alone.


You may learn a lot about a person, or determine if you are compatible with them, by using their date of birth to compute the positions of the other planets, and then comparing those positions to your own.


This is the key to astrology’s full potential, unlocking a wealth of detailed information about the other person, including how they feel about you, what turns them on, how to prevent conflict, and much more. Visit the compatibility readings page if you’re interested in learning more.


Perspective of Cancer

Cancer and Aries make a good pair.

According to the Aries perspective, there are a number of areas in which both parties will need to put in effort and show patience for the relationship to succeed. Your allies hold the keys to many of the problems you’ve been having, but you’ll also need to be patient, tolerant, and, if at all possible, less sensitive.


By your standards, Aries is a partner who is both brash and frank, and he is unlikely to ever develop the sensitivity and empathy that you possess. The sooner you can accept it and learn to enjoy it when they make an effort, and not take offence when they don’t, the simpler things will be for you emotionally.


You may retain a grudge for a long time, and Aries can get very aggressive when challenged, creating for a disastrous scenario fairly easily if you let your guard down. Aries is a whirlwind in the here and now, continuously moving on with a clean slate and conscience - that’s simply who they are, and not anything aimed to create offence.


You may sometimes see your Aries lover as overly impulse, uncaring and domineering, and they will see you as overly sensitive, emotional and sulky.


Sexual compatibility between Gemini and Aries

You probably have a far higher sexual and emotional demand for closeness and connection than your Aries partner has. Just because they don’t take things as seriously emotionally doesn’t imply they don’t care or love you.


It’s easy to get irritated of your Aries because of their fearlessness and spontaneity, even if you find that they’re insensitive. In the end, both parties in an argument or conflict wind up losing.