What's Your January 20 Astrology Sign?


January 20 Birthday Astrology

January 20 is a special day. It’s not just your average birthday – it’s the birthday of America!

And, as such, it’s a day to reflect on some of the important events that have taken place in our country over the past year.

One way to do this is by looking at your astrology chart for January 20.

This can help you to understand what kind of year 2018 has been for you so far, and what may come next.

So whether you want to know about your personal prospects for the year ahead or just want to celebrate another year gone by, read on for January 20 birthday astrology!

January 20 Astrology: Your Birthsign

The January 20 astrology forecast for those born under the sign of Aquarius includes optimism, idealism, and an expansive worldview.

This is a time to reach out and connect with others on a deeper level, as well as to explore new interests.

You’re likely to be very excited about new opportunities that come your way.

On the negative side, you may also be impatient and overzealous in your pursuits.

January 20 Astrology: The Year of Your Birth

Happy January 20! Today is the day you were born in the year of your birth.

According to astrology, today is a very important day because it’s the first day of the new year.

Astrologers believe that on this day, all of the energies of the past year come to an end and a new one begins.

This can be a time when you make resolutions for the coming year or when you take stock of your progress so far.

January 20 Astrology: Your Ascendant sign

The sign of your Ascendant determines the general energy and attitude you will take into the new year.

Your Ascendant is in sign Virgo, which means that you are a detail-oriented, systematic person who behaves in a logical and organized way.

This makes January 20th an excellent day to focus on completing tasks and making resolutions.

You’ll be able to stay on track with this determination by using your intelligence and analytical skills to figure out how best to achieve your goals.

January 20 Astrology: Your Sun sign

According to astrology, January 20 is the birthday of the Sun sign Scorpio.

Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate nature.

They are often analytical, penetrating, and determined in their pursuits. They make excellent leaders and can be very persuasive.

Scorpios are sensual and enjoy being in close contact with others.

They have a strong emotional bond and can be vulnerable when they’re hurt or upset.

This makes them good partners, but also means that they can be quite demanding.

This is a powerful year for Scorpios. As the ruler of the sign Sagittarius (the Archer), Scorpios will be able to bring new ideas and initiatives to fruition.

They are also in good alignment with Jupiter (the planet of expansion).

This will allow them to achieve some of their long-term goals, as well as enjoy some unexpected successes along the way.

January 20 Astrology: Your Moon sign

January 20 is the birthday of the Moon.

This day contains many important astrological influences that can affect your life.

According to the horoscope, your Moon sign will affect your emotional state, energy level, and daily routine on this day.

January 20 Astrology: Your planetary aspects

On January 20, 2017 you’ll be in the sign of Capricorn.

This is a cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, which means that you are disciplined and able to stick to schedules.

You’re practical and realistic, and you know how to get things done.

Although this can be a good thing, it can also make you inflexible and unyielding when it comes to managing your personal life.

You may find yourself struggling with relationships because you’re not as openminded or expressive as you could be.


Happy January 20th, everyone! As we start the new year, it’s only natural to reflect on what has happened in the past and plan for what is yet to come.

Astrology can play a big role in helping us make sense of all this, so today we’ll be taking a look at some of the astrological aspects that are most likely to impact you on your birthday.

Whether you’re looking forward to big changes or just hoping for an overall better year, reading your birth chart can help set realistic expectations and ensure that 2014 is everything you hope it will be.